Beefsteak Tomato

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Beefsteak tomato has vigorous indeterminate vines that will need to be staked to hold the HUGE 10 oz to 2 lb tomatoes.  Even though the fruits are so large, Beefsteak is still an abundant producer.  Beefsteak tomato is flat, solid, meaty, juicy and bright red. Beefsteak does not disappoint hard core tomato lovers.  Beefsteak makes an excellent slicer.

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    • 4 out of 5
    Beefsteak Tomato

    I grew this for large tomatoes and I was not disappointed. It grew well started in the greenhouse and held up to the winds we have in spring when it was transplanted. Yield was good and tomatoes were large and tasty. Growing this year also and it was leafed out enough to protect the fruit from spring hail.

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